Massage in Craigieburn

Massage in Craigieburn

Are you looking for a massage in the Craigieburn area? Osteocare Craigieburn can help. A massage can be a great option to reduce tightness, especially if stretching and other methods aren’t working. 

This article will explore the difference between tightness and pain in the muscles. We’ll also explore possible solutions to easing this tightness. Let’s get started. 

Why Do We Feel Tightness? 

Unlike physical ailments such as a sprained ankle or torn ligament, muscle tightness is a feeling. What can be some of the possible reasons for this “tight” feeling in our body? 

  1. Reduced range of motion: perhaps you haven’t stretched in a while, or maybe you’ve just woken up. If your body can’t go beyond a certain point, you may call that tightness.
  2. Uncomfortable past a certain point: let’s say your range of motion is fine until you reach a particularly awkward position. This discomfort might also be referred to as tight muscles. 
  3. Vague discomfort: many people will feel mild pain in their back after sitting at a computer all day. It’s not quite painful enough to make you run to the doctor’s, but it is cause for some concern. 

It’s essential to make the distinction between muscle tightness and muscle tension. For example, you can feel “tight” in your hamstrings but still be able to touch your toes. Someone with muscle tension wouldn’t be able to do this. 

Just because you tightness in your muscles may not be a medical condition, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tend to it. 

What is Muscle Tightness? 

Let’s use pain as an analogy for tightness. Pain can exist even in the absence of tissue damage. This is because pain is simply the perception of a threat to the body. 

Tightness, on the other hand, is also perceived as a threat. Tightness tells the brain the muscles need movement correction. We can feel tightness in our muscles even when we feel relaxed. Our tightness is trying to warn us about the frequency of the tension, rather than the existence of it. It also signals a lack of blood flow in some regions of the body. 

The Cure for Muscle Tightness? 

Tightness motivates us to start moving around and stretching. For example, after sitting for a few hours at your computer, you’ll probably catch yourself (or your co-worker) rolling their neck in circles. The root problem is that there is increased sensitivity in certain areas that feel “tight.” 

Here are a few other solutions for muscle tightness: 

  • A deep tissue massage: soft tissue work can decrease sensitivity in tight areas. It can also help to increase blood flow to the affected areas, which can make them feel more relaxed than before. 
  • Strength training: exercising can be a way to increase flexibility. Unlike stretching, it can decrease inflammation which causes sensitivity. 

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