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Remedial Massage in Thomastown for Tight and Strained Muscle Relief

massage in thomastown

Looking for a Remedial Massage in Thomastown? We’re well over a year through the pandemic, which means we’ve been working from home for that long. While for others, there seems to be no apparent issue, the prolonged phase of home-based work has pushed specific health issues, like back and neck pain, to require a new…

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pain – How Osteopathy Can Help Treat Pelvic Instability

pelvic instability

One of the challenges of expecting mothers is pelvic instability, and the risk of developing it is about 4-84%. It’s characterised by pain felt at the back of the pelvis and the frontal areas of the pubic bones. Depending on the severity, symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to a sharp stabbing pain to the…