Common Sports Injuries: Causes, Treatment And Preventions

sports injury treatment

As the name suggests, sports injuries are any kind of injury that occurs while playing sport or exercising. Fortunately, sports injury treatment is fairly straightforward.

If you haven’t played sports recently, you don’t warm up correctly, or certain muscles have been overused, you may be more at risk of a sports injury.

Children are also prone to sports injuries. Depending on the type of sports injury you have, a good osteopath can help you recover faster.
In this article, we’ll explore common sports injuries, what causes them, and how an osteopath can help with sports injury treatment.

Common Sports Injuries an Osteopath can help treat

Runners Knee – Caused by overworking the knee and very common amongst runners or people who use their knees a lot at work

Tennis Elbow

– Caused by overuse of muscles in the forearm and affects the tendons of the elbow

Golfers Arm

– Similar to tennis elbow but pain can extend down the forearm and to the wrist


– Overstretching or tearing a muscle or tendon resulting in a painful strain

Knee Injuries

– If you have a sports injury that results in trouble with your knee joint you may have overstretched or torn the muscle or ligaments surrounding the knee

Rotator Cuff Injury

– This is what helps your shoulder to move in all directions. If you injure your rotator cuff you’ll have trouble moving your shoulder

Swollen muscles

– When you have a sports injury the muscles surrounding the affected area may swell and feel weak.

Sports Injury Treatment with an Osteopath

While rest and time are good for treating sports injuries, if you want to get back to your favourite sporting activities faster, you’ll need the help of an Osteopath.

This is even more so important if your sports injury is recurring (like Tennis Elbow or Runners Knee).

Through manual hands-on techniques, an Osteopath can help to relieve pain in your injured area with massage, stretching and mobilisation of specific joints and soft tissues. These techniques can help to relax inflamed muscles and tendons, increase blood flow to the problem area and alleviate pain.

Your osteopath will likely recommend specific stretches you can follow up with at home to help speed along the recovery process.

Preventing further sports injuries

Routine checkups with an Osteopath is the best way to keep your body in optimal condition as well as maintain any recurring conditions.

If you’re currently suffering from a sports injury you may be compensating in other areas of your body to help protect your injured body part. This can result in pain elsewhere in your body and may also require treatment from an osteopath during your rehabilitation process.

By identifying imbalances in your body and weaker areas that may put you at further risk of more sports injuries, your osteopath will be able to recommend specific movements to help prevent further injuries.

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