Osteo in Northern Suburbs – Back Pain, Osteopathy, and You

Osteo in Northern Suburbs

Osteo in Northern Suburbs – What Causes Back Pain?

Bulging Discs

Different from herniated discs — yet often confused with them — bulging discs protrude or bulge. Aside from back pain, you’ll rarely develop other symptoms from bulging discs unless it pushes on a nerve root.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Your discs serve as the shock absorbers of your spine. However, they can tear or shrink as you age. This will then lead to contact between your bones and thus cause back pain that could last for the remainder of your life.

Spinal Stenosis

Those who suffer from spinal stenosis have a spinal canal that has narrowed. The narrowing increases the pressure on both the spine itself and your nerves. This will lead to numbing in the shoulders and legs as well as back pain.


Spondylolisthesis describes a spinal bone that has slipped out of place. Bones that slip forward in your lower back can cause long-lasting pain. The degenerative form of the same condition is more popular, arthritis.


Fractures, strains, and muscle strains that may be caused by falls or car accidents are other factors that could lead to back pain. These injuries should be treated immediately to minimize the long-term consequences of untreated damage.

Osteo in Northern Suburbs

How Osteopathy Helps

Various studies have shown that osteopathic treatments can be very effective for relieving pain in the lower back of patients. All the osteopaths in our clinic have extensive experience in helping our clients deal with back pain.

In fact, every single osteopath that works with us is a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association. The great thing about osteopathy is that it can be done in a gentle manner to make the treatment more tolerable for patients with severe back pain.

Whether your back pain is chronic or acute, mild or severe, we can help you mitigate the intensity as well as avoid further exacerbation of the condition. The patient won’t need to move a lot during the treatment, meaning they can remain comfortable.

We can treat not only your spines but also areas of the body that may be causing problems for it. This whole-body approach will ensure that you get the best possible outcome and fast results from us.

Osteo in Northern Suburbs

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