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What Conditions Does a Shockwave Therapy Machine Treat?

best shockwave therapy machine

Shockwave therapy is a safe, effective treatment for injured soft tissues like the plantar fascia and tendons. It provides a non-invasive alternative to surgery and is highly effective in the management of pain as well as activation of the body’s healing processes. Here at OsteoCare Craigieburn, we use the DolarClast machine, which is the best…

Back Pain Treatment: 5 Stretches to Help Strengthen Muscles

back pain treatment melbourne

If you suffer from regular back pain, you know how frustrating it can be. And seeking out back pain treatment in Melbourne is a good idea. An osteopath can help with back pain treatment through the use of manual hands-on techniques including stretches, massage and joint manipulations. But there are also some things you can…

Common Sports Injuries: Causes, Treatment And Preventions

sports injury treatment

As the name suggests, sports injuries are any kind of injury that occurs while playing sport or exercising. Fortunately, sports injury treatment is fairly straightforward. If you haven’t played sports recently, you don’t warm up correctly, or certain muscles have been overused, you may be more at risk of a sports injury. Children are also…