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Common Causes for Headaches and How to Treat Them With Osteopathy

myotherapy epping

Looking for osteopathy and myotherapy Epping to treat headaches? If you’ve been struggling with headaches for a long time then you may have heard that osteopaths are able to remedy the root issue and thus get rid of the annoying symptoms. The good news is that osteopathy and myotherapy treatment for headaches is both safe…

The Benefits of Using an Osteopath to Treat Babies

The benefits of using an osteopath for babies

When most people hear the term osteopathy, they often think of an adult athlete with a training injury or an elderly patient trying to eliminate their chronic pain. However, osteopaths can actually treat people of all ages. In fact, hiring an osteopath for babies can yield numerous benefits. This article is going to take you…

What You Need to Know About Osteopathy vs. Physiotherapy

What you need to know about osteopathy vs. physiotherapy

Many people don’t know the difference between osteopathy vs. physiotherapy. There are quite a few key differences and subtle details that you need to understand to differentiate between the two. Both fields have their own sets of benefits, but this article will go over the things that set the two apart and help you decide…