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How to Treat Lower Back Pain – Causes, Remedies and Management Techniques

how to treat lower back pain

How to Treat Lower Back Pain – The majority of us will experience an acute episode of lower back pain in our lifetimes. The vast majority of these cases will resolve within a few weeks with the correct management. There can be various triggers for the pain, some known, some unknown. Perhaps you recently took…

Osteopath for Neck Pain – Tips to Avoid Neck Pain When Working at a Computer

osteopath for neck pain

Need an osteopath for neck pain? Neck pain while working from home is a problem that we’re all too familiar with nowadays, thanks to the public health problems that 2020 has endured. That being the case, we decided to compile five of the best tips on how to avoid neck pain when working in front…

Osteopathy Treatment for Shoulder Pain

treatment for shoulder pain

Treatment for shoulder pain – Our bodies experience various forms of stress every day. Physical, mental, and emotional stress can wreak havoc on the body and cause all sorts of health conditions, including chronic pain, breathing problems, digestive problems, and sleep disorders. One of the most common pain problems caused by stress is shoulder pain….

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Postural Problems

postural problems

Posture refers to how the spine aligns to the head, shoulders, and hips when standing, walking, or sitting. We take it for granted and hardly think about it, but it has real consequences to our overall health and wellbeing. Good posture keeps the body flexible while maintaining proper balance. With many Australians spending over 60…