Osteopath Epping

If you’re looking for an osteopath near Epping, then this article will help you find one, tell you what to expect on your first visit, and teach you about all the scientifically-proven benefits that osteopathy has to offer.

Your first visit

If this is your first visit to an osteopath, then you can expect them to diagnose you before anything else. This will usually consist of a few physical tests that analyse the state of your body. Range of motion, flexibility, and areas of pain will all be gauged in this stage.

Afterwards, the osteopath will work with you to get a treatment plan. This will consist of active treatment as well as changes to both your diet and everyday lifestyle — often including the addition of specific exercises that can help restore balance to your body.

What makes osteopathy a good treatment?

You might be wondering what makes osteopathy good and why it’s so strongly supported in the scientific community. Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, it’s non-invasive which means you won’t have to worry about the cost, risks, and recovery times you get with surgery.

Second of all, it’s very versatile since it can relieve pain and correct problems in essentially any area of your body. This includes your joints, bones, underlying tissues, and even organs. Lastly, it’s covered by Medicare, so it’s not going to bankrupt a patient after restoring them to full health.

Will osteopathy hurt?

Many first-time patients ask us if the treatment is going to hurt, and we’re happy to give them a reassuring no. The procedure is actually very gentle and only utilises techniques that are proven to be safe through rigorous medical research.

In fact, most of our patients have said that they feel very comfortable throughout the treatment and feel amazing when leaving our clinic. Since the method seeks to address the root issue rather than just the symptoms, the outcomes are permanent!

Which professions can benefit from osteopathy?

There are quite a few lines of work that tend to strain your body through repetitive or exhaustive motions. These include typists who spend their entire day in front of a keyboard, athletes in contact sports, and factory workers who carry heavy packages throughout most of their week.

Regardless of which category you fall under, osteopathy can help you do your job better since it will ensure that you’re comfortable while in the workplace rather than silently enduring pain.

Find your Osteopath Epping today!

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