Osteopath Thomastown

Osteopath Thomastown

Osteopath Thomastown

Osteopathic treatment — what is it?

Not familiar with the field of osteopathy? It’s a form of manual medicine that focuses on your tissues, nerves, muscles, and bones to help you control your movements. It also supports the structural integrity of your body as a whole.

In many situations, osteopathy can be an ideal treatment in comparison to surgery since the risk and recovery time is lower. There are different types of osteopathy such as:

Body function assessments

Here the osteopath will assess the functionality of various areas of your body. This would include ergonomic, postural, and movement assessments. The osteopath will also likely provide positioning advice.

Nervous system and musculoskeletal assessments

When doing such an assessment, the osteopath will utilise a wide variety of tools to gauge what the root cause of your symptoms are. They will try to pinpoint the problem with these instruments, but no invasive procedures will occur.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is the collective umbrella term for a diverse range of hands-on techniques that can help promote healing in your body’s tissues. It can also alleviate discomfort and relieve musculoskeletal pain.

Therapeutic needling techniques

Needles can be very helpful when restoring function to certain areas of the body. This includes acupuncture but also trigger point therapy and dry needling. All needles are sterilised before use to ensure there are no contaminants present.

Clinical exercise programs

Osteopaths adapt an all-angle approach which means they try to help their patients live a better life even when they’re not in the clinic. As such, they will prescribe movement strategies and activities that can help you recover faster after surgery or a traumatic injury.

Patient advice and education

At the end of the day, osteopaths seek to educate their patients so that they can take better care of their body. This coaching can cover multiple areas such as diet, stress management, and general lifestyle to mitigate painful injuries or loss of motion.

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