Neck Pain Specialist Near Me

Neck Pain Specialist Near Me

Neck Pain Specialist Near Me

Most people have experienced moderate to severe neck pain at least once. If you’ve endured such a trial at some point in your life, then you know just how difficult it can be to complete everyday tasks when your neck is screaming out.

Today we’re going to go over all the key details of neck pain and provide some advice on how you can overcome it. Be sure to share this piece with your friends after reading it to the end so they too can reap the benefits of the information covered here.

Causes of Neck Pain

Many of our patients ask us what causes neck pain in the first place. It’s a very good question since, by identifying the trigger, you can proactively prevent similar issues in the future. There are a few culprits that could be to blame.


Whiplash is a specific type of neck sprain that occurs when the human neck is abruptly whipped backwards then suddenly moved forward. This motion stretches the ligaments and muscles in your neck beyond the normal range, which leads to the sprain.

This type of pain often occurs right after a car accident since the rapid deceleration provides the perfect conditions for a whiplash injury to occur. In some cases, the symptoms don’t manifest until a few days following the incident itself.

Muscle strain

Another thing that could lead to neck pain is muscle strain. There are various root causes, but a common one is having poor posture (such as slouching while typing on a computer or using your smartphone.)

Lack of neck support when sleeping could also strain the muscles in your neck. In fact, there are also some non-physical factors to look at such as your levels of stress and anxiety as both of these can come into play.


Neck pain can actually cause symptoms beyond simple pain in your neck. The exact symptom set you experience can be dependent on the root cause of this discomfort. That said, they can include the following:

Difficulty turning your head

If you have a hard time turning your head, then this decreased range of motion may be a result of the same issue causing your neck pain in the first place. Many patients who have suffered from whiplash will often say that they can’t turn their head as far as they used to.

Pain in the shoulders or upper chest

There are some occurrences where the neck pain can spread to other surrounding areas such as your upper chest or shoulders. This type of symptom is generally more common in cases caused by muscle strain in comparison to whiplash-related injuries.

Stiff neck

Those who experience neck pain as a result of poor sleeping habits and lack of support (from a pillow or other soft object) may suffer from a stiff neck on a chronic basis. If adding a pillow doesn’t alleviate the issue, then further diagnostics is highly recommended.

How do I find a neck pain specialist near me?

While many would just type “neck pain specialist near me” into Google, this isn’t the most effective way to find the right match. You’re probably thinking “then how do I find a neck pain specialist near me?”

The answer is by calling our hotline on 1800 067 836 to speak with our specialists and schedule a consultation. Our entire team is highly trained and experienced, ensuring you get nothing short of world-class care.