Finding the Best Back Specialist in Melbourne

Finding the Best Back Specialist in Melbourne

Finding the best back specialist in Melbourne

Back pain is a major nuisance because not only does it make you suffer constantly, but it also takes away the joy that you could otherwise experience during amazing moments. Our specialists have helped countless patients restore their backs to their former glory.

You’ll be glad to know that there’s an effective way out of back pain that you can go for right now. This article is going to teach you about some of the causes of back pain, how to treat it, and where you can find the best back specialist in Melbourne.

Causes of back pain

There are quite a few things that could cause back pain, but here are a few common ones:

Poor sleeping posture

If you don’t have enough lumbar support when you sleep (perhaps due to a low-quality mattress), then this long-term strain could lead to back pain. Putting a pillow on your back can help sometimes, but it’s not always an effective solution.


Those who have suffered from a traumatic injury to their back or spine may have to endure long-term pain even after they’ve gotten through the initial recovery. This is why treatments like osteopathy are key as they can restore the balance in your musculoskeletal system.

Slipped discs

A slipped disc can be very dangerous if left unchecked. The problem will only get bigger as time goes on, so if you suspect that your back pain is the result of a slipped disc, then you should go see a back pain specialist immediately.

How to treat back pain


Surgery is common among those who are struggling with back pain. Still, it’s not always the best option since invasive procedures carry a high risk of infection, secondary injuries, and even death in some cases. It’s also expensive and leads to a slow recovery.

OTC painkillers

Over-the-counter medications may be used to treat back pain. This only relieves the symptoms rather than solving the root problem and thus is more of a quick fix. Risks include kidney damage and addiction in a surprisingly high number of patients.


Osteopathy is the closest thing you can get to a perfect treatment since it’s non-invasive, treats the root problem, provides long-lasting relief, and is covered by Medicare. It’s also a very gentle procedure that won’t cause much discomfort.

Get treated by the best back specialist in Melbourne

If you’re ready to get back to 100%, then schedule an appointment to be treated by the best back specialist in Melbourne. You can call us at 1800 067 836 to reserve a schedule, or you can use the contact form right here on our website.

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