What Can a Local Osteopath Near Me Do for Muscle Strains?

What Can a Local Osteopath Near Me Do for Muscle Strains?

What Can a Local Osteopath Near Me Do for Muscle Strains?

Have you been searching for a local osteopath near me and wondering what they can do for muscle strains? Muscle strains are always difficult to deal with since they can make the most mundane of tasks a significant challenge while radiating pain to surrounding areas as time goes by. Fortunately, this article is going to give some potential causes as well as tell you how osteopathy can help.

Muscle strain causes

Heavy lifting

Lifting objects of substantial weight isn’t enough to cause muscle strain in itself. The issue comes when you lift the object abruptly, do so with poor posture, and/or push your body beyond its limits while ignoring the warning signs (like some bodybuilders do).


While regular exercise is actually beneficial to your overall musculoskeletal system, intense workouts devoid of proper warmups and stretching can cause muscle strains that reduce your performance for weeks or sometimes months.

Workplace injuries

Those with careers that involve manual labor may be more susceptible to muscle strains. This is especially true for those who have to endure repetitive and strenuous motions. Construction workers, warehouse employees, and mechanics are a few professions in the high-risk group.

Risks of muscle strain surgery

Bleeding. You could suffer significant bleeding if an artery is punctured.
Infection. There’s always a risk of infection during invasive procedures.
Stiffness. Your joints may feel stiffer right after the surgery.
Slow healing. Some surgeries take months to recover from.


The best cure is prevention. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent muscle strains in the first place. It’s not a surefire way to keep your muscles safe but it does reduce the odds of an issue occurring.

Drinking enough water every day will keep your muscles flexible enough so you don’t end up pulling something. This is especially important when working out, lifting heavy objects, playing sports, or doing other physically demanding activities.

Eating healthily is a big part of keeping your muscles in top shape. High-potassium food items like bananas or avocados can prevent muscle fatigue if eaten before tiring workouts and laborious job shifts.

Warming up before going 100% is another great way to lower your chances of injury. If you’re going for some HIIT exercise at the gym, maybe jog going there or ride your bicycle. This will ease your muscles into an active state instead of shocking them with intense use.

When you sustain an injury, take enough time off for it to heal completely. Rushing the recovery process will only increase the risk of future muscle strains that put you out of commission for even longer. Be smart, listen to your body.

Find a local osteopath near me

Osteopaths are the ideal specialist to help you with muscle strains since their entire field focuses on the musculoskeletal system. They’re trained in anatomy and equipped with all the necessary techniques to relieve muscle strain.

Rather than waiting for weeks or months, why not just have one of our specialists put their manual medicine training to work and get you back to a normal state of living in a far faster period. Osteopathy speeds up the body’s natural healing processes and restores balance.

A holistic approach is taken since our specialists understand that every part of the body is interconnected and an issue in one part can affect other regions. Lastly, the relief is permanent since the root issue is addressed rather than just the surface-level symptoms.