Osteopath for Neck Pain – Tips to Avoid Neck Pain When Working at a Computer

osteopath for neck pain

Need an osteopath for neck pain? Neck pain while working from home is a problem that we’re all too familiar with nowadays, thanks to the public health problems that 2020 has endured. That being the case, we decided to compile five of the best tips on how to avoid neck pain when working in front of a computer.

Try This Before Seeing an Osteopath for Neck Pain

As soon as pain occurs it might be your first port of call to see an osteopath for neck pain. In some cases this may be the best option, but before you make an appointment try these helpful ideas that can assist you to avoid neck pain.

The power of the keyboard

osteopath for neck pain

osteopath for neck pain

A lot of the neck pain that we experience while working from home is due to the positioning of our keyboards. We highly advise that you use a keyboard tray. That way, you can type in a more natural position without straining your posture.

If you use a laptop, then you can use its screen as a monitor and get a remote keyboard (whether wired or Bluetooth) to use with the keyboard tray. It’s often not how much you type but how you type that affects your neck.

Get a better chair

osteopath for neck pain
osteopath for neck pain

Since you’re probably going to be sitting in your chair for hours upon hours each day, you must get a good one, or you could suffer chronic neck pain. If it’s wood, make sure that it at least lets you sit in a natural position.

Finding something comfier that is made with back support, is a better option though — albeit costlier. You should sit with your head held high while working from home rather than slouching over. If you work while on your bed or sofa, remember to sit up straight!

Bluetooth earpiece

osteopath for neck pain
osteopath for neck pain

If your job involves taking a lot of calls, then you might want to consider investing in a Bluetooth earpiece so you don’t have to crunch your neck over when talking to customers or co-workers. The price has dropped significantly in the past years so it’s well worth the money.

Another alternative would be to take calls on speakerphone if you live alone. That being said, this isn’t ideal for everyone since some WFH employees live with multiple people and would thus be seen as inconsiderate if they put every call on loudspeakers.

Take exercise breaks

 osteopath for neck pain

You don’t have to get a full two-hour workout in if you’re too busy. Even short breaks in between work tasks where you do a set of pushups or planks will be enough to get your body active and improve mobility.

The human body wasn’t built to remain in the same position for hours on end without any movement and such situations can lead to pain in not only your neck but also other areas of your body such as the lower back.

Proper posture

poor posture
osteopath for neck pain

Posture is just as important — if not more important — when you’re sitting than when you’re standing. Keep your breastbone lifted and your head in an erect position to ensure that you’re not putting undue strain on your neck.

Avoid tilting your head forward since for every inch that it moves forward, the weight on your back increases significantly. This can add up and lead to various issues, not only concerning pain but even mobility.

Do You Need an Osteopath for Neck Pain?

Avoiding neck pain while you work in front of a computer is easy as long as you follow some of the best practices. However, if the pain persists and you need an osteopath for neck pain, contact us on  (03) 5752 5005 or book an appointment so can also help correct any issues.