Common Causes for Headaches and How to Treat Them With Osteopathy

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Looking for osteopathy and myotherapy Epping to treat headaches? If you’ve been struggling with headaches for a long time then you may have heard that osteopaths are able to remedy the root issue and thus get rid of the annoying symptoms. The good news is that osteopathy and myotherapy treatment for headaches is both safe and effective.

This article is going to go into finer detail on what causes these, at times, skull-splitting states as well as how osteopathy and myotherapy treatment for headaches can get you back to 100%. Be sure to share the article after reading it to the end.




Stress is one of the most prominent causes of headaches. If you’ve been doing a lot of extra hours at the office, fighting with your family, or recently had a falling out with a close friend — or all three — then the mental stress could lead to a headache.

These types of headaches usually go away soon after the source of stress does and your emotional health recovers but osteopathy and myotherapy in Epping can fast track this process so you don’t have to endure any emotional pain alongside your psychological anguish.



What you eat can also have a great impact on your overall health as well as both the frequency and severity of your headaches. If you consume a lot of caffeine then you’re more likely to experience headaches than your friends who prefer chamomile tea.

The thing to note here is that headaches usually occur during caffeine withdrawal rather than after drinking it. Chocolate, alcohol, and salty foods can also be other items in your diet that triggers headaches. Talk to a nutritionist if you think you aren’t eating healthily enough.



When you’re dehydrated, the brain tissue shrinks away from your skull due to the loss of water. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be comfortable. The pain receptors that surround your brain will be triggered as a result of the shrinkage and give you a headache.

Drinking more water is key to keeping your head — and the rest of your body — healthy. This is even more true for those who are aging as their body is in a constant race to repair itself. If you’re drinking plenty of water but still have headaches then come visit our osteopaths or myotherapists though.

How osteopathy and myotherapy Epping treats headaches

Spinal manipulative therapy, often shortened to SMT, is a type of osteopathy treatment that can serve as an effective way to get rid of your headaches. Cervical soft tissue massages can also relieve the tension in your spine and alleviate headaches.

Occipital decompression stretches the paraspinal tissues which will not only relieve migraine headaches but also reduce the chance of it coming back since the overall tension levels are going to be lower after the treatment.

Techniques such as soft tissue manipulation (massage) can be applied to help improve blood flow, reduce congestion, and promote healing.

Conclusion – Osteopathy and Myotherapy Epping Can Help

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