How to Improve Posture When Working From Home

How to Improve Your Posture When Working From Home

How to improve posture when working from home – Let’s be honest, you’re probably slouching towards your monitor as you read this article. Poor posture is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s actually more common than you might think. In fact, its prevalence is only going to rise in the years to come.

Back pain stemming from postural issues is nothing new. However, the problem has become more prominent due to the widespread use of smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices that almost lure you into leaning forward while consuming content.

We feel your pain — both literally and figuratively — which is why we decided to set up this guide with tips to improve posture that should help you get out of the vicious cycle of poor posture and back pain. Be sure to share the post after reading to the end.

Tips to improve posture



It may seem strange but visualizing can actually help you improve your posture. Imagine an unbreakable iron rod that stems from your brain and goes down the length of your shoulders, hips, knees, then finally ankles.

Make sure that everything is aligned at all times. Now picture a cord attached to your head that’s constantly pulling up. Some might call this type of exercise silly but it’s surprisingly effective in weeding out poor posture in the long-term. Eventually, it becomes second nature.

Use your eyes

Use Your Eyes

Vision once again comes into the topic of posture. Many people bend their necks down when looking at the screen of their smartphone or laptop. This leads to poor posture habits. The easiest remedy is to use your eyes.

Don’t forget, those little gelatinous balls that focus light towards the retina are able to rotate rather freely so there’s no need to reorient your entire head when looking at a picture below eye level. This will get you into the habit of literally holding your head up high.

Driving posture

Driving Posture

We know how tempting it can be to just melt into the soft leather of your car seat after a tough day of work but this could actually contribute to your posture problem. Pull your seat closer to your steering wheel and sit up straight.

It won’t be quite as relaxing as riding low but you’ll thank us later when your sleepless nights of back pain finally subside. As an added bonus, it could also be easier for you to react to a road accident if you’re seated properly.

Mattress selection

Mattress Selection

Speaking of sleep, it’s important that you catch your Zs the right way. Don’t cheap on out a cheap but saggy mattress. Finding something firm enough to provide the support that you need while recovering from an exhausting, hectic schedule.

Thick pillows may seem soothing at first glance but they can actually exacerbate the issue by putting your head at an unnatural angle. Use a smaller pillow instead and situate it behind your neck for some added support at night.


As you can see, there’s nothing to worry about if your posture isn’t what it used to be. The great thing about posture is that dedication and willpower are usually all it takes to restore your spine’s former glory. Apply our tips to improve posture and you’ll be good to go!

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