The Benefits of Using an Osteopath to Treat Babies

The benefits of using an osteopath for babies

When most people hear the term osteopathy, they often think of an adult athlete with a training injury or an elderly patient trying to eliminate their chronic pain. However, osteopaths can actually treat people of all ages. In fact, hiring an osteopath for babies can yield numerous benefits. This article is going to take you through some of the most common use cases. If you want to ensure that your baby grows up healthy, then read on.

Long births

Many pediatricians advise that you bring your newborn baby to an osteopath if they’ve just endured a long birthing process. The osteopath will be able to assess the spine, head, and shoulders of the baby to ensure that everything is normal despite the lengthy delivery.

This is especially important when forceps were used during the birthing process since there are some cases where this could impact the head’s form and figure. Osteopaths will be able to spot any problems early and proactively correct them.

Proper development

Pediatric osteopaths can also check on your baby’s development and see if everything is on the right track. Many toddlers can have the construction of their bones, muscles, and joints hindered by physical restrictions.

This could, in turn, delay key milestones like crawling, standing, and even walking. Osteopaths will do everything they can to ensure that your baby’s body develops symmetrically and all milestones occur on schedule.

Feeding problems

Babies who are suffering from feeding problems can also benefit from having an experienced osteopath treat them. Both the feeding itself as well as the digestion have the chance to be improved through osteopathy.

Various issues like indigestion, constipation, and reflux can all be taken care of. This will make it easier for your baby to get the nutrition they need without having to worry about gastric distress later on.

Headache and back pain

If your baby is constantly crying throughout the night, even after they’ve had a nappy change and a serving of milk, then they might be in pain. Headache and back discomfort isn’t limited to adults; babies can also experience it.

Osteopaths will be able to relieve this pain so that you and your baby can get a full night’s sleep each day. The best part is that osteopathy treats the root issue. You’re taking care of the base problem rather than just treating the symptoms — meaning the results are long-lasting.

Find the right osteopath for babies

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