Osteopath for Knee Pain — Causes and Treatment

Osteopath Fawkner

Osteopath Fawkner for Knee Pain — Causes and Treatment

Need an Osteopath Fawkner for knee pain? Knee pain can be one of the most disruptive issues in your life since every step is going to be an excruciating obstacle. Even things that once seemed fun to you like going for a walk in the park, partying with friends, or working out at the gym will all be painful activities.

Instead of shying away from the things you love doing, figuring out what may be causing the problem then proceeding to get the appropriate treatment is a far better approach. This article will take you through some of the causes and treatments for knee pain!


There are many things that could lead to knee pain. The best course of action is to visit our clinic so a trained osteopath can pinpoint the problem. That being said, below are four reasons that may be responsible for the pain you’re experiencing.


There are many forms of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the wear-and-tear variety. It’s the number one cause of knee pain for people who are above the age of 50. This leads to swelling, morning stiffness, and aches in your knee joint, particularly when you’re actively moving it.


The sac beneath your skin known as the bursa holds fluid above your joint. This prevents friction while the joint is in motion, almost like a hydraulic ball bearing. Irritation in the bursa causes swelling and pain since there’ll be increased friction when the joint moves.

Meniscal tear

Certain types of knee injuries can lead to a rip in your cartilage. The jagged edges may end up getting stuck in the joint which will lead to both swelling and pain. In most cases, patients will feel the sensation of “catching” in their joints whenever they’re actively moving.

Dislocated kneecap

If your legs sustain a traumatic impact, your kneecap could slide out of the correct position. This causes swelling and severe acute or even chronic pain if not properly addressed. Doctors often refer to this as a patellar dislocation.


OTC painkillers for many, pharmaceuticals are their immediate response to any pain. This is because it’s fast-acting and doesn’t require too much effort on their part beyond going to the nearest drugstore to buy a box.

Pros: rapid effect
Cons: risk of addiction, reduced efficacy over time, and doesn’t treat the root issue


Those who have chronic knee pain caused by an extreme injury often require surgery to get the issue fixed. Surgical intervention may be the only way for these patients to get permanent relief from the pain they’ve been facing.

Pros: fixes the most severe issues
Cons: invasive procedures have high risks, a long recovery process, and expensive costs

Osteopath Fawkner

Osteopaths take a holistic approach to balancing the musculoskeletal system through manual medicine. Therapy seeks to identify and treat the root issue to achieve lasting relief without resorting to pharmacological interventions nor invasive procedures.

Pros: cost-effective, safe, long-lasting relief by addressing the root issue
Cons: requires an in-clinic visit

Conclusion – Time to See an Osteopath in Fawkner

As you can see, there is a myriad of things that could be causing your knee pain, but the good news is that there’s always a way to treat it. Be sure to come to see an Osteopath in Fawkner if you want to rid yourself of the pain that’s been bugging you.