How an Osteo for Kids Can Help With Common Injuries and Accidents

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Advice From an Osteo in Fawker For Kids

Are you looking for an Osteo in Fawkner for kids? Back to school time means that your kids might have physical activities in the school gym or the school playground. Unfortunately, this can mean more accidents and injuries. On the other hand, the good news is that minor injuries can be treated at home, with a little antibacterial, rest, and tender loving care. However, every minor injury can have the potential to get worse – a major injury that could get you to the nearest hospital.
But what kinds of injuries increase the potential to become a major injury? When do you need to seek emergency care at a hospital? In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the common injuries and accidents that happen in school, and how we can prevent them.


This is the most common cause of injury among children, wherein approximately 200,000 children age 14 are sent to the emergency room each year. Falls most likely occur in playgrounds, especially in slides and monkey bars. Stairs, elevated landings, cluttered pathways are also common hazards. Babies are more fall-prone. Babies and toddlers don’t have the balance and movement control compared to older kids and adults.

Accidental Impacts

Kids bump into things regularly, especially if they are active in sports. These minor accidents happen when kids play too hard, or they get distracted. This type of injury happens most likely by walking into a door or a wall, being hit by a baseball, and bumping and get hurt by another player during a sports game.

Cuts and Wounds

When your kids are playing with their friends or just help you in the yard, a lot of kids tend to cut or poke themselves with sharp objects. Wounds may sting and thump, but once they’re cleaned and protected, they would heal quickly. Serious lacerations or cuts are also common, but it’s best to bring them to an emergency room of a hospital to prevent further injuries.

Foreign Objects

Unquestionably, every kid experiences a “foreign object” during their childhood. Curiosity gets in children and gets a splinter in their fingers or a sweet pea in their noses. For the most part, children inhale or ingest something. This usually happens during mealtime, or while they’re playing.


Mild burns are pretty common for kids. They usually get these burns when they didn’t apply sunscreen while outside, or even spilling a hot drink. However, more serious burn injuries must seek medical attention immediately.

What to do if your child is injured?

Call emergency if your child:

  • has injured the head, neck, back, hipbones, and thighs
  •  is unconscious
  • has difficulty breathing
  • has a seizure

Get medical supervision if your child:

  • is difficult to wake up
  • vomits more than once
  • complains of head, neck, or back pain
  • isn’t walking normally

Prevent this by:

  • Not leaving infants and young children on a bed or any other furniture without supervision
  • Childproofing gates to prevent falls

When Do You Need an Osteo in Fawkner for Kids

Sports injures, breaks, accidents, and poor posture can sometimes require the treatment and management of an Osteopath. However, if ever a serious accident happens, seek medical help immediately from your closest hospital.