What Is Physitrack and How It’s Used to Treat Patients

what is physitrack

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth across the globe. One solution that’s making the rounds in the market today is Physitrack.

Learn what Physitrack is, how it can help clinicians, and how it benefits patients.

What is Physitrack?

Physitrack is a patient engagement solution that uses cloud-based technology to deliver health-related content beyond clinic rooms.

If a patient is under a specialised exercise program, it will be convenient if they can watch exercise videos, view educational content, and track their progress at home using one platform. Physitrack allows them to do all these.

The app enables clinicians to create exercise prescriptions and share care content. Physical therapists, osteopaths, and other healthcare practitioners receive real-time data of their patient’s progress via the app. At the same time, they can interact, engage, and evaluate the patient’s health condition remotely.

Physitrack is full of features that help healthcare specialists expand treatment options through a patient app called Physiapp.

Key Features

Physitrack is an app for clinicians. It works in conjunction with Physiapp, an app that patients download to their mobile to access their physician’s digital prescriptions.

Some of the key features include:

  • Multi-provider practice
  • E-prescribing
  • On-platform chat and messaging
  • Appointment reminders
  • Remote treatment plans
  • Appointment scheduling

With both Physitrack and Physiapp, clinicians and patients get access to an end-to-end service solution that improves patient adherence to at-home treatment initiatives.

How to Use Physitrack

Healthcare professionals pay a subscription fee to use Physitrack. Afterwards, they add their patient details on the platform. It has an education library consisting of over 5000 high-definition video exercises.

They can pick and customise instructive exercise videos based on their patients’ needs and assign them as programs. They can also design an individualised plan tailored to the patient engagement experience that they want.

Physitrack helps them save time in making exercise content scratch, while also improving adherence to the program with clear, easy-to-follow fitness videos.

PhysiApp for Patients

After a practitioner assigns a program, the patient will receive a login link where they can download Physiapp to access it. The patient app is free to download using a program code.

Patients can begin the program right away. At the end of each exercise video, they will need to enter the number of reps that they’ve completed and the pain level. This facilitates clinicians to receive real-time patient progress data, measure the outcome, and expand treatment choices.

Benefits of Physitrack and PhysiApp

The need for telehealth technology has never been more pressing than during these times of physical distancing.

With Physitrack, health practitioners can:

Provide life-like engagement experience through easy-to-follow exercise videos

  • Send high-quality educational content
  • Save time by not having to create exercise programs from scratch
  • Engage with multiple patients remotely
  • Add their content to customize patient engagement

With PhysiApp, patients can:

  • Access a friendly-user app with clear voice instructions and high-resolution videos
  • Continue exercise programs and rehabilitation at home
  • Improve adherence and health outcomes
  • Confirm appointments and receive exercise updates
  • Get reminders of their daily exercise routine

With PhysiApp, patients can lessen the risk of exposure to outside health threats and exchange information with their physicians on one secure platform.


Eventually, virtual means of care delivery will become part of the “new normal.” We can expect that people will demand more from technology to improve health with how things are today.

Physitrack is an invaluable tool that allows patients to gauge their overall health and lifestyle without having to drive to a hospital or clinic.

Are you looking to take your practice outside the boundary of your clinic? Learn more today.