Need an Osteopath Near Attwood? Take a Look at How OsteoCare Craigieburn Can Help You

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Body aches are a normal part of our everyday lives. While they’re hardly life-threatening, they can hinder productivity, affect your mood, and impact the other facet of your health.

Fortunately, an osteopath near Attwood is ready to solve your pain problems. Discover what and how Osteocare Craigieburn can improve your quality of life by treating musculoskeletal disorders.

Back and neck pain

With most of us involved in a work-from-home stretch, back and neck aches have become our badges of hard work. While mild pain is bearable, stressing these areas persistently may limit your range of motion.

An osteopath near Attwood delivers treatment that combines soft tissue massage and mobilisation techniques to provide relief to the back and neck areas.

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Pain relievers are essentials in our medicine cabinets. As useful as they are, relying heavily on them can have adverse effects on health. Also, painkillers only provide short-term relief for headaches.

Osteopathy is a safe method that provides long-term relief for headaches. An osteopath in Attwood will locate the deeper triggers of the problem, particularly areas with tension and strain, then release the tightness to ease your headaches.

Work-related and repetitive strain injuries

Some people have occupations that involve heavy lifting or using the upper part of their body repeatedly. The faint numbness, muscle tightness, and cramp after a day’s work can lead to bad posture or serious injury.

An osteopath near Attwood helps diagnose and treat work-related injuries, improving circulation and loosening the tensions around overused parts of the body.

Sports-related injuries
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Both amateur and professional athletes are at higher risk of injuries, like knee and ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and other sports injuries.

To improve performance in sports, athletes sought the help of an osteopath. For chronic pain caused by sports injuries, a registered osteopath near Attwood is available for a consultation and personalised treatment plan.

Pains in peripheral joints

People may experience joint pain due to osteoarthritis, or muscle, cartilage, and tendon tears. The muscles and tendons on the shoulders, knees, and ankles may feel stiff and get inflamed.

Osteopathic treatment has been the first choice for many people in solving joint troubles. By using a whole-body approach for treatment, an osteopath can restore your joint’s flexibility and better health from within.


Scoliosis or the abnormal sideways curvature of the spine tends to affect more growing girls than boys — about 1 in 15. Most of these cases are mild, yet spine deformities can get severe over time. Improper body postures, standing for long periods, or carrying heavy school bags can worsen the spinal issue.

An osteopath near Attwood can manipulate the musculoskeletal system to correct bad posture, address back and neck symptoms associated with scoliosis, and give lifestyle advice for growing children.


Sciatica is caused by an irritation of the nerve in the lower back and affects 40% of the population. Incorrect body posture, past injuries, extra body weight, and smoking all contribute to the stabbing pain feeling in the leg area.

Osteopathy is effective in treating sciatica. By relieving pressure from the sciatic nerve using massaging techniques, an osteopath can relax tight muscles and joints. It doesn’t only treat symptoms but also prevents future episodes of sciatica.


No matter how careful you are, accidents and injuries are nearly inevitable. We get back pains, knee injuries, and headaches in our lifetime.
If you’re looking for a safe and non-surgical procedure to treat pain problems, schedule an appointment for an osteopath near Attwood.