5 Ways Osteopathic Treatment Can Improve Your Health

greenvale osteopathy

If you’re unclear on what osteopathy is, it’s a form of manual “hands-on” healthcare. It’s different to physiotherapy and chiropractic, although osteo does help to treat similar conditions.

greenvale osteopathy

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment, the osteo philosophy is to treat the person as a whole, not just their specific symptoms.

If you live in Greenvale and are looking for an Osteopath, our qualified team of practitioners at OsteoCare Craigieburn can help to improve your health with osteopathy. Our approach can help with; releasing tension, improving range of motion, improving blood circulation, reducing blood pressure just to name a few.

But what are some other ways osteopathy can improve your health? Let’s take a look.

Helps to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can often manifest physically in your body through tight and tense muscles, difficulty breathing, poor posture and tension headaches.

Chronic stress results in your body’s “fight or flight” response is activated much more than usual. This puts extra pressure on your nervous system and exacerbates many serious health conditions.

So how can osteopathic treatment help? Gentle manipulation of the vagus nerve helps to balance the autonomic nervous system. This, in turn, helps to slow your body’s stress response, aids digestion and lowers your heart rate.

Relief from tension headaches

When you suffer from knotted muscles in your upper shoulders, neck and back what often results are tension headaches.

Osteopathy can help to relieve tension headaches by using soft tissue massage and gentle manipulations of the neck and upper spine. This helps to realign your spine, improving mobility and reducing tension.

Osteopathy can help you to breathe more easily

If you have difficulty breathing due to bad posture, injuries, or spending too many hours sitting hunched over a desk at work – osteopathic sessions can help. In order for you to breathe freely your diaphragm and the musculoskeletal system that surrounds it needs to be functioning correctly.

Your osteopath will be able to assess your breathing and the associated systems and work to correct imbalances to help you breathe normally. We can also give you some exercises to help ensure that you are breathing correctly.

Osteopathic treatment can help with Insomnia

If you suffer from sleepless nights due to chronic pain or circulatory problems we can help. During osteopathic treatments, your soft tissues will be gently manipulated to release the tension and stress that often contributes to a poor night’s sleep. Osteopathic treatment also helps to improve blood flow which is imperative for getting a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking for Greenvale Osteopathy treatment, book a session with us today

If you’re currently suffering from any of the symptoms we’ve listed in this article, you could surely benefit from a session with a highly trained Osteopath.

Here at OsteoCare Craigieburn, we help our patients regain optimal health and wellbeing through holistic osteopathic treatments.

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