Epping Massage Clinic – Can I Get a Deep Tissue Massage?

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A deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy wherein a therapist applies slow but firm strokes of pressure to the muscles and tissues. This is to break muscle knots and scar tissue formed after an injury, relieving the problematic areas of tension and tightness.

This type of massage focuses on specific goals, such as injury rehabilitation and chronic muscle pain. It can treat low back pain, sore shoulders, and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

If deep tissue massage can help ease your chronic problems, Epping massage clinic offers this service, along with other treatment options to cater to your wellness needs.

Benefits of deep tissue massage
epping massage clinic

People who book a session of deep tissue massage are looking to:

  • Ease muscle pain and tension
  • Improve body posture
  • Relieve pain in the back and neck
  • Aid injury rehabilitation
  • Enhance mobility
  • Improve blood circulation and promote healing
  • Accelerate sports-related muscle recovery

Going deep on your massage ensures that the therapist reaches areas beyond the surface of the skin. Unlike Swedish massage that aims to provide entire body relaxation, deep tissue massage treats muscle pain and stiffness in specific areas.

What to expect during a Deep Tissue Massage at Epping massage clinic?

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than a normal massage. A session of this treatment starts with mild pressure massages to warm up the muscles of the affected area. Gradually, the therapist will increase the pressure to reach deep muscles, tendons, and fascia.

Therefore, deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable for those who are not used to it. Others find it relieving as it helps alleviate musculoskeletal pains.

Who can get a deep tissue massage?

This form of massage isn’t for everyone. People suffering from osteoporosis should not engage in any massage therapy that uses firm pressure. Additionally, pregnant women and people who’ve had recent surgery need to consult their doctor first to see if it’s safe to get this treatment at Epping massage clinic or any massage centres near them.

Deep tissue massage is best for people who are active in sports or those with chronic pain, injury, and musculoskeletal disorders. Any type of athletic work, whether it’s a career or a hobby, leaves excessive strain on the muscles. There is when a deep tissue massage can assist in muscle recovery. Individuals involved in manual labour and heavy lifting may also want to get this treatment.

Deep tissue massage therapy can be uncomfortable. So if you have low pain tolerance, it’s safer to try other forms of massage therapy.

Why should you get a deep tissue massage?

Epping massage clinic offers deep tissue massage to improve overall health. Its effects go beyond physical health. It also provides emotional and mental benefits, like reduced stress levels, a relaxed state of mind, and better sleep.

Less stressed muscles also mean you can do your workouts with less pain, execute your tasks properly, and improve performance in sports. You will have a better outlook on your well-being.


If you’ve been unable to engage back in sports and other activities due to chronic muscle pain, deep tissue massage can be the solution to restore your physical, mental, and emotional health.
It has many benefits, but before booking a session, make sure you check with your physician if it’s safe to take such therapy. There can be adverse effects for people with certain health conditions.

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