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Remedial Massage in Thomastown for Tight and Strained Muscle Relief

massage in thomastown

Looking for a Remedial Massage in Thomastown? We’re well over a year through the pandemic, which means we’ve been working from home for that long. While for others, there seems to be no apparent issue, the prolonged phase of home-based work has pushed specific health issues, like back and neck pain, to require a new…

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pain – How Osteopathy Can Help Treat Pelvic Instability

pelvic instability

One of the challenges of expecting mothers is pelvic instability, and the risk of developing it is about 4-84%. It’s characterised by pain felt at the back of the pelvis and the frontal areas of the pubic bones. Depending on the severity, symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to a sharp stabbing pain to the…

How to Treat Lower Back Pain – Causes, Remedies and Management Techniques

how to treat lower back pain

How to Treat Lower Back Pain – The majority of us will experience an acute episode of lower back pain in our lifetimes. The vast majority of these cases will resolve within a few weeks with the correct management. There can be various triggers for the pain, some known, some unknown. Perhaps you recently took…

Osteopath for Neck Pain – Tips to Avoid Neck Pain When Working at a Computer

osteopath for neck pain

Need an osteopath for neck pain? Neck pain while working from home is a problem that we’re all too familiar with nowadays, thanks to the public health problems that 2020 has endured. That being the case, we decided to compile five of the best tips on how to avoid neck pain when working in front…

Osteopathy Treatment for Shoulder Pain

treatment for shoulder pain

Treatment for shoulder pain – Our bodies experience various forms of stress every day. Physical, mental, and emotional stress can wreak havoc on the body and cause all sorts of health conditions, including chronic pain, breathing problems, digestive problems, and sleep disorders. One of the most common pain problems caused by stress is shoulder pain….

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Postural Problems

postural problems

Posture refers to how the spine aligns to the head, shoulders, and hips when standing, walking, or sitting. We take it for granted and hardly think about it, but it has real consequences to our overall health and wellbeing. Good posture keeps the body flexible while maintaining proper balance. With many Australians spending over 60…

Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System After an Illness

osteopath campbellfield

Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System After an Illness – From an Osteopath near Campbellfield Having an illness is such a hassle, especially today during the global pandemic. But, we need to fight off infections, viruses, and germs to keep our body system healthy. The immune system mostly takes the responsibility of fighting off germs…

How to Make a Safe Return to Exercise After the Holidays

osteopath broadmeadows

After coming back from the holidays, sometimes the thought of going back to your normal exercising routine seems a bit discouraging. Going away for the holidays is an excellent boost for your mental health and well-being, but the holidays are often a time of indulgence. The seasonal foods from the holidays can put a dent…

How an Osteo for Kids Can Help With Common Injuries and Accidents

Osteopath Fawkner

Advice From an Osteo in Fawker For Kids Are you looking for an Osteo in Fawkner for kids? Back to school time means that your kids might have physical activities in the school gym or the school playground. Unfortunately, this can mean more accidents and injuries. On the other hand, the good news is that…